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there are a lot of things I look for in a coffeebar’s seating arrangements and a table in the dead center of the cafe is rarely one of them, but check this out: petit café myriade has busted my formula. nowhere near an electrical source or any of the comforts of walls, corners or counters, […]

after a years-long hiatus, gimme! brooklyn has reintroduced its restroom (that’s “washroom” to our canadian friends) to customers. the friendly move is sure to delight not only coffee lovers but the proprietors of sal’s pizza up the street, who were no doubt tired of being gimme! regulars’ second stop. this along with the new addition […]

it has been some time since i’ve pointed out a best seat here at how nice it was, then, for intelligentsia to go to such great labor and expense to encourage dorky layabouts like me to linger longer. intelli’s broadway store is in a neighborhood i have known for years and years. it’s the […]

in the past few months the espresso at gimme! coffee has stayed so consistently brainbending it’s made me set aside my normal williamsburg-aversion and go there like, constantly. for those readers who don’t understand what williamsburg is, it is the promised land of skinny jeans and ironic facial hair and sportjackets that would look awesome […]

best seats will be a recurring feature wherein i potentially ruin the best seat in any cafe by writing about it on the internet. key contributing factors to my naming a best seat include: internet availability, access to A/C power, proximity to the baristas so you can bullshit with them while they work, and a […]

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