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On Coffee Writing

February 28th, 2014

Let’s be clear. I know all about lazy journalism. As a journalist for more than a decade, as well as a book author and publisher, I have been on both sides of lazy journalism many, many times. Someone needs a quote from me this afternoon because they kinda spaced on their deadline? Sure, I understand. […]

It seems pointless to coffee-blog anymore now that there’s a sprudge out there, but hey. I went to Iceland!!!!! Now that I’ve had a week or two to towel off, I still miss the Nordic Barista Cup and everything and everyone that came with it. Iceland itself was as unreal a land as I’d hoped: […]

Last time I spontaneously decided “I should drive RIGHT NOW to Pittsburgh” ended in a man with a missing arm and a stolen trombone (neither mine), but this time would surely be different. After a couple rounds of chicken over text and IM, and sweetened with promises of Breezewood, Colleen and I decided at the […]

Joie-de-vivre is hard to summon at 5:00am, but coffee people are nothing if not dreamers and thus the world’s most tired and ridiculous party took place on Sunday morning in the generously donated, eerily darkened confines of Gimme! Coffee‘s Brooklyn shop (a.k.a. this journalist hack’s home office) to watch the World Barista Championship over faltering […]


the first shop of coffee prince

January 31st, 2008

besides consistently letting me invite myself over for delicious dinner, my friends james and amy have begun to provide a valuable service to my coffee education endeavors now that i’ve moved to brooklyn: they let me come over to their house to watch the first shop of coffee prince, in current rotation as part of […]

by way of introduction

November 5th, 2007

perhaps it’s no time to start something new when you’re running out the door and moving country, but this ain’t no goodbye fling — it’s all stuff i can take with me. welcome to a little place i plan to write about coffee, cross-pollinated with images and enthusiasm, all with the selfish selfish goal of […]

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