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I interviewed the three owners of Southside Coffee: Josh Sidis, Ben Jones, and Ramin Narimani, for a forthcoming article in Edible Brooklyn earlier this month. It was more like interviewing a band than interviewing coffee shop owners, and captured the um, sensibility, of this special south Park Slope establishment. When I go to Southside, I […]

I accosted Canadian Barista Champion Sammy Piccolo in between his coffee at Octane and his volunteer dogwalking schedule to grill him a little bit before the competition heats up Thursday in Hotlanta. Here’s what he had to say… Have you ever competed in the WBC before? Yes this is my fourth time. I am from before […]

Photo stolen from Emma Markland-Webster. Carl Sara is a smart-alek from New Zealand who has competed thrice already in the World Barista Championships. He takes a break from flying with his entourage from Auckland to Atlanta to answer a few questions. You’re really into competing in the World Barista Championship. Is it  because it’s the […]

Photo by James Hoffmann. Gwilym Davies is the 2009 United Kingdom Barista Champion. Although his house is not often docked near the internet, he managed to find a little time to talk to in between picking out his finest competition tweed. Hello Gwilym. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. As you […]

Photo by Brent Fortune. In our continuing—relentless, really—pre-World Barista Championship media blitz coverage, is proud to bring Raul Rodas, Barista Champion of Guatemala, onto the velvet interview couch for a wee chat… What’s coffee culture like in Guatemala? Its very exciting because you have the job of transmiting all the knowledge about coffee industry and […]‘s second pre-WBC interview falls in the lap of Michael Phillips, most recently sighted wandering around in a state of catatonic shock after winning the United States Barista Championship in Portland earlier this month. I asked Mike a few questions to help the public, you know…get inside his head. Hi Mike.. um… here is an […]

I just noticed the World Barista Championship is in a little less than three weeks, which means is a little remiss in the annual interviewing-of-what-competitors-I-can-get-to-write-me-back. Let’s start with an awesome chat with Yara Castanho, Barista Champion of Brasil, shall we? Hi Yara! Do you live in Sao Paolo? What’s your background in coffee? So, […]

Kyle Glanville’s domination of the 2008 USBC has launched him on a jet plane to Copenhagen, Denmark this week, where he’ll compete against Stephen Morrissey, who he has trained with, to depose James Hoffmann, who Stephen has trained with, as the World Barista Champion. Wait, what? My head is spinning! Let’s see what Kyle, who […]

photos stolen from James Hoffmann, as per usual I first met Stephen Morrissey when he steamrolled through Toronto last fall, spilling Black Cat and Irish curses all over Manic Coffee. Morrissey recently won the Irish Barista Championship, and is will be competing in the WBC in a couple of weeks hoping to remove the little […]

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