and though all things come to an end, it’s hard to believe when i wake up sunday that this is the last day. it’s a mad scramble to get schedules straight and figure out where people can get a good breakfast in this sham of a town. after about three thousand text messages, jordan and […]

nothing a headcold and a little side trip up the pacific coast won’t do to slow down the delivery of days-old news to one’s ever-quiet, miniature readership… in any case, remember saturday? the usbc semifinals began first thing in the morning with scott lucey, whose tribute to the farmers at nelson melo’s farm is the […]

i am starting to see wizards around the convention center. actual wizards. i am seriously contemplating joining their convention instead of this one, so if coverage stops suddenly this weekend you will know why. also, important correction: the fro yo place adjacent the convention center is called frozen assets, not liquid assets. andrew milstead (urban […]

preliminaries: day one i can’t see space mountain from my hotel room, but i still know it’s weird here the moment i wake up. the sidewalks of anaheim (not that most people use them) have become even more surreal, mixing mylar mickeys with coffee growers and random overheard conversations about fair trade. we are in […]

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