twitchy‘s second pre-WBC interview falls in the lap of Michael Phillips, most recently sighted wandering around in a state of catatonic shock after winning the United States Barista Championship in Portland earlier this month. I asked Mike a few questions to help the public, you know…get inside his head. Hi Mike.. um… here is an […]

I just noticed the World Barista Championship is in a little less than three weeks, which means is a little remiss in the annual interviewing-of-what-competitors-I-can-get-to-write-me-back. Let’s start with an awesome chat with Yara Castanho, Barista Champion of Brasil, shall we? Hi Yara! Do you live in Sao Paolo? What’s your background in coffee? So, […]

the race is on

March 21st, 2009

View Larger Map With this week’s flip by Ninth Street Espresso from using Stumptown Coffee (blue pins) to Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters and Tea Traders (red pins), the infiltration of heavy outside forces into NYC’s coffee scene is raging harder than ever. (Hey, remember those four months when the only coffee for sale anywhere was from […]

usbc madcap sap recap

March 10th, 2009

so it’s all over and you wake up on monday and almost everybody has left the hotel room in the dead of morning and there’s just you and your one remaining friend from milwaukee and a balloon sculpture hanging from the light fixture to remind you of what really happened in the flash of days […]

wow. phenomenal. a stunning job by all today…but i’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. congrats, phillips.

can i just mention that it totally sucks to be friends with so many talented baristas? rooting is hard. really kind of awful. the exciting, loving, thrilling kind of awful, but still. mike phillips ended the day of tough, incredibly skilled and charismatic competitors. he greeted the judges by saying “it’s an unexpected and absolutely […]

nick griffith is the constant cool cucumber, it’s insane, last year at the USBC in minneapolis he was the stealth weapon of chill, and nothing has changed this year except perhaps a bit more chill AND a bit more fire. nick is using the same coffee as ryan willbur, the finca la maravilla guatemalan, and […]

that one? that one might also be very hard to beat. i’ve been thinking for a day or so how watching good barista competition routines is kind of like seeing a band you love perform an album you know they’re only going to perform on that tour, or that night, in a way you’ll never […]

mike marquard has a gingham kerchief tucked into his pocket and is wearing an apron with a rhino that says “booya”.         anyway. he opens up describing the flavors of his sumatra/brazil/el salvador blend, and i believe i overhear the words “trail mix”. he tells the judges he’s always impressed at how […]

devin. how is it possible that you won’t win this? i’m finding it hard to imagine. devin pedde was the first person i saw at the convention this morning, and as i tried to get my eyes to focus around the psychedelic carpet, he told me he had something new in store for his routine […]

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