March 30th, 2008

3rd- Heather Perry 2nd – Kyle Glanville 1st – Chris Baca Thank you Oliver for the amazing coverage! Wish I had been with you! Thank you Andrew for the real-time iphoning!!

WRBC 2008: Final Results!

March 30th, 2008

(photo courtesy Tonx) Barista’s Barista award: Chris Baca. So humble and everyone loves him. There was a lot of buildup as there was a question if the same lineup as last year might be on stage. The final answer? All the same people, one new AMAZING ROCKSTAR: 3rd – Heather Perry 2nd – Kyle Glanville […]

(photo courtesy Tonx) (opening convo with Sarah about RBC in South Carolina, about how Ryan has moved all around from Portland, LA, etc, etc). Final presentation. Ryan is pouring that fancy water in the tall thick glass scandanavian water. What’s it called? Voss. He’s talking about adding some flower, clover, brown sugar to the water, […]

(photo courtesy Tonx) Drew looks dapper and cleaned up. 🙂 He’s working with the Anfim, has classic brown cups, and HITS THE RED BUTTON. The music is from nintendo, the Metroid theme! Starts by pouring glasses of San Pellegrino for the judges and tells them about how he likes the flavors in <omitted>. He’s using […]

(photo courtesy Tonx) Heather’s from SAN DIMAS, CA. “As you can see from the menu in front of you, we’ll have a rich and creamy cappuccino to start with,” she says. There are angled martini glasses prepped for her sig later, with a matching full glass water pitcher. Her blend has some Americas (Poco Fundo […]

(photo courtesy Tonx) 11:55 am. He jokes if he should say “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon.” 🙂 Three brazils in his blend. Two from <town?> with milk chocolate, good citrus. The other is from <shit, I don’t speak Portugese>. Talking about it as he breaks some whole cardamon pods, adds salted macadamia nuts, with a […]

(photo courtesy Tonx) Baca has been cleaning and prepping during Nick’s run, and has his Anfim all tuned up, milk is in glass pitchers in a silver ice bucket. THE CROWD LOVES HIM. He’s got the butterflies, but he’s gonna kill it. Sarah is talking about how much a community the coffee world is, and […]

(photo courtesy Tonx) (Nick is formerly of Coffee Klatch, now of Intelligentsia in LA) He’s served his just-blended-this-morning Brazilian espresso in 3:24, on target. Good conversation, casual, doserless timed grinder from Espresso Parts! Nice soulful hip hop on as he calmly steams his milk for his caps. BEAUTIFUL caps. The judges are weighing in at […]

LIVE From WRBC 2008 Finals

March 30th, 2008

(West Coast Twitchy correspondent Oliver writing here today. Yes, I have a Ritual bias; those kids introduced me to coffee in the first place, so read with that caveat!) Good Morning sports fans! The Gaia Arts Center is packed to the gills with barista enthusiasts, coffee geeks and more! There’s been a feeding frenzy of […]

Day Three! Where am I? I wake up in my pal Courtney’s gorgeous River West apartment — steps from Alterra Humboldt, which is good, as her internet situation is dodgy and I totally need coffee. Courtney isn’t anywhere to be seen but I’m really grateful to her letting me crash at her house all weekend. […]

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