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On Coffee Writing

February 28th, 2014

Let’s be clear. I know all about lazy journalism. As a journalist for more than a decade, as well as a book author and publisher, I have been on both sides of lazy journalism many, many times. Someone needs a quote from me this afternoon because they kinda spaced on their deadline? Sure, I understand. […]

An evening of snow into a morning of blooming crocuses and noon hardly ever felt so early (again, I’ll blame climate change here) as we roll in to the NERBC finals after a 28-day, three-state romp through one of the crowdedest rooms in Manhattan. It had been a little while since I attended a barista […]

one week after the world barista championships feels a bit like i had a hazy dream: in my dream five coffee producing nations rose to the top ranks of the semifinals, second place in the world was awarded to a guatemalan heartthrob, and the winning trophy was sent on a plane back to my hometown […]

a guided coffee tasting at penny university london london london, i’ve been in you for a few days now and have i checked any cultural boxes? not so much. there has been strolling and there have been really a lot of peas, and maybe just maybe there was a little side trip to oslo, but […]

It seems pointless to coffee-blog anymore now that there’s a sprudge out there, but hey. I went to Iceland!!!!! Now that I’ve had a week or two to towel off, I still miss the Nordic Barista Cup and everything and everyone that came with it. Iceland itself was as unreal a land as I’d hoped: […]

nordic barista cup 2009

September 17th, 2009

Oh hello. I’m in Iceland attending the Nordic Barista Cup on behalf of Espresso Parts! I’ll be writing more here eventually, but meanwhile please look for updates here on the Espresso Parts blog. (Edit: Klaus Thomsen is also blogging here!) Skål!

spring successfully flung

June 8th, 2009

It was incredibly thoughtful of Spuyten Duyvil to double the capacity of their gorgeous back garden for our New York City Coffee People Spring Fling, the fourth installment of a very informal (meaning I only got half a beer spilled on me, and it was my fault) gathering of All The Coffee People In New […]

I interviewed the three owners of Southside Coffee: Josh Sidis, Ben Jones, and Ramin Narimani, for a forthcoming article in Edible Brooklyn earlier this month. It was more like interviewing a band than interviewing coffee shop owners, and captured the um, sensibility, of this special south Park Slope establishment. When I go to Southside, I […]

I accosted Canadian Barista Champion Sammy Piccolo in between his coffee at Octane and his volunteer dogwalking schedule to grill him a little bit before the competition heats up Thursday in Hotlanta. Here’s what he had to say… Have you ever competed in the WBC before? Yes this is my fourth time. I am from before […]

Photo stolen from Emma Markland-Webster. Carl Sara is a smart-alek from New Zealand who has competed thrice already in the World Barista Championships. He takes a break from flying with his entourage from Auckland to Atlanta to answer a few questions. You’re really into competing in the World Barista Championship. Is it  because it’s the […]

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