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one week after the world barista championships feels a bit like i had a hazy dream: in my dream five coffee producing nations rose to the top ranks of the semifinals, second place in the world was awarded to a guatemalan heartthrob, and the winning trophy was sent on a plane back to my hometown […]

a guided coffee tasting at penny university london london london, i’ve been in you for a few days now and have i checked any cultural boxes? not so much. there has been strolling and there have been really a lot of peas, and maybe just maybe there was a little side trip to oslo, but […]

waking up to daylight savings time in another city is a challenge. i spend about 15 minutes sunday morning reloading, reloading, rechecking various internet websites that claim to know the accurate time in milwaukee or chicago. i am paranoid that i have woken up late, so rather than hustling, i just do this over and […]

glrbc day two: where are my goddamn horse bananas? by saturday morning the fog has melted back into rain, not so much ideal for a leisurely stroll down the lakefront. i grab some breakfast with doug p. and we head to discovery world, pretty crowded today. internet presence chris demarse from alliance world coffees in […]

welcome to beautiful milwaukee, wisconsin, where the unique weather axis of melting snow and brewery fumes have sunk a gauzy layer of fog over the city for many days now. those wily souls who navigate via instrument flight rules were able to find their way to lake michigan on friday for the 2010 great lakes […]

twitchy does nyc: a handy map

February 17th, 2010

View twitchy does nyc in a larger map in advance of the hundreds of thousands of coffee nerds about to embark on the nearby shores of new jersey for coffeefest, and because it is time, i thought i would offer my short tour guide to those who may wish to drink a cup of coffee […]

It seems pointless to coffee-blog anymore now that there’s a sprudge out there, but hey. I went to Iceland!!!!! Now that I’ve had a week or two to towel off, I still miss the Nordic Barista Cup and everything and everyone that came with it. Iceland itself was as unreal a land as I’d hoped: […]

nordic barista cup 2009

September 17th, 2009

Oh hello. I’m in Iceland attending the Nordic Barista Cup on behalf of Espresso Parts! I’ll be writing more here eventually, but meanwhile please look for updates here on the Espresso Parts blog. (Edit: Klaus Thomsen is also blogging here!) Skål!

outside the perimeter

April 21st, 2009

So I missed the plane. I missed the plane because the first plane was pushed back and back because when weather shows up in New York it’s like they haven’t ever seen weather before, and JFK is a hairdo. The whole sky clogs up and it takes hours to figure out how to land planes […]

wbc 2009 day two

April 18th, 2009

Sorry, whose idea was the flamenco club at 2am? Okay. Day one of the WBC went by so fast I barely had a chance to catch my breath, but day two, lemme tellya. When Nicaraguan champion Rebecca de Los Angeles Ramos Moran opened with “I Don’t Wanna Wait” (theme to Dawson’s Creek), did her entire […]

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