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a guided coffee tasting at penny university london london london, i’ve been in you for a few days now and have i checked any cultural boxes? not so much. there has been strolling and there have been really a lot of peas, and maybe just maybe there was a little side trip to oslo, but […]

twitchy does nyc: a handy map

February 17th, 2010

View twitchy does nyc in a larger map in advance of the hundreds of thousands of coffee nerds about to embark on the nearby shores of new jersey for coffeefest, and because it is time, i thought i would offer my short tour guide to those who may wish to drink a cup of coffee […]

edible, drinkable toronto

November 15th, 2009

For those of you who feel behind on contemporary Canadian psycho-social gastronomic culture, I’m pleased to announce the release of The Edible City, a new book on Toronto’s food landscape. Along with essays by many esteemed Torontonians, the book also includes a piece I wrote on the development of Toronto’s coffee culture, from Mercury Espresso […]

there are a lot of things I look for in a coffeebar’s seating arrangements and a table in the dead center of the cafe is rarely one of them, but check this out: petit café myriade has busted my formula. nowhere near an electrical source or any of the comforts of walls, corners or counters, […]

I interviewed the three owners of Southside Coffee: Josh Sidis, Ben Jones, and Ramin Narimani, for a forthcoming article in Edible Brooklyn earlier this month. It was more like interviewing a band than interviewing coffee shop owners, and captured the um, sensibility, of this special south Park Slope establishment. When I go to Southside, I […]

after a years-long hiatus, gimme! brooklyn has reintroduced its restroom (that’s “washroom” to our canadian friends) to customers. the friendly move is sure to delight not only coffee lovers but the proprietors of sal’s pizza up the street, who were no doubt tired of being gimme! regulars’ second stop. this along with the new addition […]

it has been some time since i’ve pointed out a best seat here at how nice it was, then, for intelligentsia to go to such great labor and expense to encourage dorky layabouts like me to linger longer. intelli’s broadway store is in a neighborhood i have known for years and years. it’s the […]

Joie-de-vivre is hard to summon at 5:00am, but coffee people are nothing if not dreamers and thus the world’s most tired and ridiculous party took place on Sunday morning in the generously donated, eerily darkened confines of Gimme! Coffee‘s Brooklyn shop (a.k.a. this journalist hack’s home office) to watch the World Barista Championship over faltering […]


SCAA 2008 ramp-up

April 30th, 2008

2.5 hours sleep and one lucid dream on the plane later I put down on the ground this morning in MSP. (For the second time in a week, though I actually got out of the airport this time. That layover from SF *was* magical, though — who knew $4 bottles of water tasted so good? — […]

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