there are a lot of things I look for in a coffeebar’s seating arrangements and a table in the dead center of the cafe is rarely one of them, but check this out: petit café myriade has busted my formula. nowhere near an electrical source or any of the comforts of walls, corners or counters, this fantastic seat at the border of the indoor-outdoor worlds is fucking perfect. sure, you’d rather sit on the swanky new terrasse on a montreal summer’s day, but wouldn’t you like to talk to your friends making coffee, too? well, you can have it all at this table that’s inside while also en plein air. comfy patrons are afforded a panoramic view of rue mackay as well as the entire cafe…well, except whoever sits at the table immediately to your back, which admittedly is creepy. you’re also right by the pastry case (delicious!) and the neglected syphon bar, and convivially centralized for that community/coffeehouse experience you keep forgetting about while staring at your laptop. uh…

cities with months of subzero temperatures appreciate their outdoor patios more than anywhere else (ever been to buffalo in july? it’s friggin wild!) and the specialness of myriade’s bestseat is no exception. grab this one while it’s hot — when the doors to the outside are closed, this seat becomes a “just perfectly acceptable” seat in the blink of an eye!

2 Responses to “best seats no. 4: café myriade”

  1. a.j.

    Hey, I recognize that seat…

    and I second that emotion

  2. Somerset wedding gal

    Looks like the perfect combo of cosy and open!

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