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wow. phenomenal. a stunning job by all today…but i’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. congrats, phillips.

devin. how is it possible that you won’t win this? i’m finding it hard to imagine. devin pedde was the first person i saw at the convention this morning, and as i tried to get my eyes to focus around the psychedelic carpet, he told me he had something new in store for his routine […]

katie duris, mid-atlantic champion, opened the day. unfortunately it was a gross, sleety portland day. as the morning unfolded, it took a long time for the number of people sitting in the audience to rival the number of people in line for chris owens and m’lissa muckerman working the fourth machine and serving espressos to […]

having forgotten to pull the drapes in my bedroom when retiring the night before, I am awakened at 7am by an unbelievable sunrise spreading over the south side of chicago. it’s going to be a nice day, i just know it. we drove to navy pier in time to catch millrock (Teisl, you took second […]

time flies when you take poor notes. scott lucey of america’s dairyland was the third competitor of the day saturday morning. his routine is comfortable and openhearted, centering around the nelson melo colombia cauca coffee that alterra has been so proud of. melo was in the audience, and though he probably didn’t understand a word […]

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