having forgotten to pull the drapes in my bedroom when retiring the night before, I am awakened at 7am by an unbelievable sunrise spreading over the south side of chicago. it’s going to be a nice day, i just know it. we drove to navy pier in time to catch millrock (Teisl, you took second […]

time flies when you take poor notes. scott lucey of america’s dairyland was the third competitor of the day saturday morning. his routine is comfortable and openhearted, centering around the nelson melo colombia cauca coffee that alterra has been so proud of. melo was in the audience, and though he probably didn’t understand a word […]

!s cannot express

February 22nd, 2009

scott won. i nearly cried. more tomorrow. p.s. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy p.p.s. liquid swords!

Every time I tell myself I’m going to opt out of blogging about a coffee-making contest someone goes and names a drink the “Grasshoppiato”. Good lord! Welcome to Chicago. The Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition is in my hometown again this year. Look for signature drinks made with coconut milk this weekend, along with what […]

after a years-long hiatus, gimme! brooklyn has reintroduced its restroom (that’s “washroom” to our canadian friends) to customers. the friendly move is sure to delight not only coffee lovers but the proprietors of sal’s pizza up the street, who were no doubt tired of being gimme! regulars’ second stop. this along with the new addition […]

Last time I spontaneously decided “I should drive RIGHT NOW to Pittsburgh” ended in a man with a missing arm and a stolen trombone (neither mine), but this time would surely be different. After a couple rounds of chicken over text and IM, and sweetened with promises of Breezewood, Colleen and I decided at the […]

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