Thus the day — and the long days before them — ends with Colin Harmon. His entry from this blogger gets the shortest shrift, largely because I could understand his Irish accent even less than I could get through the accents of Hungary and Korea! But all that said, Colin is great to watch, a real newcomer to competition (How long has he been in coffee again? A year?) and young and bright and entertaining himself all while being full of nerves. (As he’s asked to pull shots for emcee Glanville after his performance is over, he has to stop answering questions for a second to do such a thing — and apologizes saying he’s sort of a “one thing at a time kind of guy”. Hey buddy! You just competed in the WBC, talking all the while! Don’t sell yourself short!)

His Bolivian single origin espresso buddies up with a creme anglaise centric signature drink, and this bloke is over and out, as was my ability to keep a close watch. The anxiousness sets in, and Sammy Piccolo wanders past me and mentions he’d be happy to get awarded an honourary championship by now.

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  1. Colin Harmon

    Next year I bring subtitles

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