Atilla, in your powder blue sweater vest and with your colorful placemats and cappuccino caddies, you are a darling. This competitor from Hungary is using a single origin Beloya, a favorite coffee of so many people I know that when it is perfect is transcendent. He begins by assembling his signature drink, but I can’t quite hear what freshly sliced madlfjasdkl and freshly chopped laasadfdwerqq he’s using. Later I see it is something gourd-based, a pumpkin creme he’s cooking up there. He’s congenial and focused. I taste a capp with M-Elves off to the side of the stage, and it is truly wonderful.

Atilla’s espresso “has an amazing complexity,” he says. “It is like a blend, but it is not. It is just a beloya.”

Mikey’s next.

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