I am two competitors behind and Gwilym Davies is about to go on so this may be short and nonsensical.

Phillips is better today than yesterday and yesterday was great. Signature drink is the same shot-splitting idea as referenced on these pages before, only with adjusted constituent elements (as the coffee has changed) like sea salt, heavy cream, muscovado sugar. He pulls the shots of Rwanda and suggests the flavors of red fruit, sour tamarind and a baking spice finish, with a velvety mouth feel. The soundtrack is energetic and also somewhat hilarious and I keep trying not to crack up across the stage with Stephen Morrissey. This competition’s most appropriately timed lyric: “practice is over”. Yep.

And as the most buyoantly silly song plays, um, Julian Lloyd-Webber, right? — Mike explains his drink super calmly, you know, like he’s just telling you about it in the shop. He explains in the post-show interview that the selection of the Rwanda was “like love”. Well, I guess when you know you know.

Gwilym time!

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  1. Ian C

    I thought the most appropriate lyric of the week was a song that went “judge not until you’ve been judged”. I forget who it was!

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