7 Responses to “warming up the electric griddle…”

  1. meister

    Of all the damned days to be in Detroit.

  2. Neil

    I find it fun that the three subway lines mentioned in the above ad will lead their passengers to everywhere that is not Gimme Coffee.

  3. scottlucey


  4. Mike White

    Can I come?

  5. Jenni

    is it a pajama party?!!!!

  6. amber fox

    pajama party!!
    i’ll bring my moose slippers, and maybe wear my beavers t-shirt..
    o! and i’ll bring the maple syrup for the waffles..

    i am SO there.

  7. Daniel Humphries

    Yes yes yes!

    Awesome, Liz. Awesome Gimme-ites.

    But, um, that Mike White guy’s not gonna be there, is he?

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