Katie is back with her beets. She explains that beets are earthy and sweet and she thought they would pair perfectly with coffee. Preparing her beet and goat’s milk mixture, she adds that as goat cheese is a classic pairing with beets, she’s simply adapting this to a milk. Again she immersion blends the beets and milk, then strains them using a coffee filter (Bunn Series 2).

Brooklyn girl is really polished and confident today. Takes time to explain the flavors of her espresso while her shots are coming out. Her cappuccino pours look fantastic.

Time to pour miniature pink beet goat milk macchiatos: the second pink heart falters in the tiny glass; Katie takes a sip of water. She’s pissed. Recovers fine for the last two pours, serves the drinks with poise.

Signature drinks are presented with a garnish of arugula — another classic beet/goat pairing, sez KC. She finishes well under time — 13:34 — and boldly offers to use the spare competition time to pour shots for anyone who wants one in the audience. This is gutsy and suave, but only one makes it out — at 14:58 Katie calls time and passes the drink to the front row. Rock.

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  1. Mark

    Beets and Coffee? Beata would love this.

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