The shakiest part of Lance’s performance yesterday appeared to be his verbal presentation — today’s just as stammery (I was hoping he’d reuse the same jokes) and he says something about biodiesel wine. When he hits the machine things start to regain a bit of control.

Lance explains his blend again. Cappuccinos are poured shaky shaky but the foam looks good.

Signature drinks like last night are made with homemade hazelnut milk. (“Which I was making last night while you were all out drinking free beer and eating pizza,” says Nichols.) The overall routine is straightforward — a little less dynamic than yesterday, but on the other hand he’s a tiny bit more relaxed. Signature drinks finished and served up by 14:34. Lance cleans a bit and as the clock counts down so do some loudmouths in the balcony. Against the rules, kids! But Lance calls time at 15:00, looking visibly relieved.

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