NERBC Day One: Finalists

April 11th, 2008

Check it:

Chris Ganger (Ithaca Coffee Co)
Lance Nichols (Gimme! Coffee)
Jay Murdock (Cafe Grumpy)
Chris Deferio (Carriage House Cafe)
Katie Carguilo (Counter Culture Coffee)
Amber Sather (Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea)

4 Responses to “NERBC Day One: Finalists”

  1. caroline

    AWESOME!!!! Good luck everyone!

  2. michael phillips

    Dats my lady in the top 6! Yeah money, Sather gonna bring it Chi town style in the NYC baby!

  3. dan griffin

    i got a $150,000 ridin’ on carguilo!!! get em’!! BEETS!!!

  4. Peter G

    Congrats everyone!! Wish I could be there to cheer on Ms. Carguilo, gotta taste the beets. Best of luck to everyone!

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