Ryan Wilbur
(photo courtesy Tonx)

(opening convo with Sarah about RBC in South Carolina, about how Ryan has moved all around from Portland, LA, etc, etc).

Final presentation. Ryan is pouring that fancy water in the tall thick glass scandanavian water. What’s it called? Voss.

He’s talking about adding some flower, clover, brown sugar to the water, to let it set. He’ll come back to that later. He’s sauteing. Some ambient-uptemo beats for a soundtrack.

(a note: Sarah Allen had a discussion about how all the competitors have to follow a rigorous structure, but that the music is one of the places for them to express their individuality, which is why I’ve been noting it all the way through here.)

He’s starting with his caps, pulled into black on white porcelin. He seems to have some baby blue porcelin espresso cups.

Hip Hop. Talib? Nice simple hearts into the caps. SO elegant. Caps delivered at 6:20. Some comments about a butterscotch sweetness. “Today we’re all gathered from all parts of the country, but I hope you can come by our shop in Silverlake sometime where every espresso is served with a glass of sparkling water.”

Of his three coffees in the blend (sorry I’ve been so bad at ID’ing regions, gentle readers, i’m kinda deaf from watching the Phil Collins dirty dancing on the bar at Ritual last night.). One adds dark body and chocolate, the other two will add citrus.

He tastes candied lime, almond, & milk chocolate in the espresso, presented at 9:56.

Not a lot of conversation or banter with Ryan, but he’s got a smooth hand. He’s presenting his signature drink, as something cool that will be universal, enjoyed on a hot day. He’s got a cold brewed <omitted>, adding a little half and half to the espresso, adding it all to a metal cocktail shaker, then pouring into the nice bodum round 2 shot glasses (i’m guessing).

“You’ll notice the hibuscus flower, followed by the chocolate, with a final finish of the clover.” Delivered at 14:20.

Cleaning up. Final beats “Sensual Seduction.”

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  1. bz

    a regional in s.c.? whaaa?

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