Drew Cattlin
(photo courtesy Tonx)

Drew looks dapper and cleaned up. 🙂

He’s working with the Anfim, has classic brown cups, and HITS THE RED BUTTON.

The music is from nintendo, the Metroid theme!

Starts by pouring glasses of San Pellegrino for the judges and tells them about how he likes the flavors in <omitted>.

He’s using his own blend today: 4 parts natural processed Brazillian and 1 part Ethopian coffee blend. His sig is a “Orange Creamsicle,” he announces.

He talks about cleaning out the doser in the grinder to set cleanly. Gives color about the clean sweep, doesn’t have to level or waste grounds. Cyprus Hill is now playing. Insane in the membrane. Talks about setting one portafilter aside so that he can preserve the aromatics of the spro. Tamps, spin, smoothly. Pulls all four shots for his caps almost simlutaneously! He’s using an Organic whole milk from Clover farms. Really likes how it goes with his blend, bringing out chocolate malt, taste of nougat, and a hint of citrus fruit.

Drew is on it, with mad focus, pouring hearts, with a bit of a shaky hand. The crowd is SO supportive. Talking about the taste of Orange in the drink. 7:00.

Orangle carmel, dark chocolate finish. Espresso delivered at 9:45, San Pellegrino refilled.

At 10:00, the hip hop starts. (the oft chastized crown is chatting again). Here comes creamsicle.

Sig presentation tray lowered to the tray. Perfect white square dishes with a line of and a small flower (an orchid). Talks about being inspired by sitting in the sun at Dolores Park, and how he bought an orange creamsicle from an ice cream guy with a cart. There’s a traditional creme anglaise, infused with orange zest, and will add espresso and ice. he’s adding the shots to a metal shaker.

The glasses are tall elegant glass, a small dash of ice in the shaker. After shaking the drinks he’s pouring a creamy drink in, making light of his “little added shake” (from his hand), the crowd laughs with him.  He’s hand delivering each platter and shot (14:30) to each judge.

He makes note of the fact that its summer, and that the cold drink should “be enjoyed at your leisure.”

After going over on time in the qualifications, he makes it and calls at 15:00.

Sarah notes post presentation that Drew won the “Best New Competitor” award yesterday. Drew is humble and talking about some other new barista. It’s his academy award moment. He’s thanking Eileen, Jen, the roasting team, Ryan, Gabe, Devorah, John Ermakoff (the espresso parts guy; sorry I don’t know the spelling), Pele (for his socks). Drew most of all wants to thank Chris Baca, for all the training time, and is overall very grateful and humble.

Drew's Cap

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