Kyle Glanville
(photo courtesy Tonx)

11:55 am. He jokes if he should say “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon.” 🙂
Three brazils in his blend. Two from <town?> with milk chocolate, good citrus. The other is from <shit, I don’t speak Portugese>.

Talking about it as he breaks some whole cardamon pods, adds salted macadamia nuts, with a little dollop of brown sugar which will carmelize. He loves the armoztics. The reduction/heating thing is happening on small burners *on the judges table*, right in front of them.

Lots of noise from upstais and the fourth machine. Kyle’s got some chill downtempo beats on. He’s doing espresso first. Predicting refreshing lime acitidy, toasted almond, a finish of dark chocolate, encourages judges to swirl their espresso in the cup for sensory. 3:44

Pouring Strauss milk from the amazing glass bottles, sitting in a nice ice bucket. Judges inspecting machine while he lets the “4 minute proper infusion” happen.

More upbeat tunes. Daft Punk. Leaf flourettes in the caps. Perfect dark rings around the milk. Delivers to Judges at 8:22, saying how the Strauss complemets the Black Cat.

Kyle's Cap

He’s pulling his sig espresso into tall narrow glasses, almost like mini Cortados.

(Its standing room only here, people!)

He’s adding the shot of espresso to the metal dish, talking about the added saltiness from the macadamia, giving an interesting delicious element, which is nicely balanced by the sweetness of the spro.  He’s now straining from the mini pots (these were really cool, btw) into a martini style glass. The drink is “undeniably rich,” and  people will swear that there’s chocolate, but he promises that there’s none.  He’s adding a tiny dollop of vanilla cream(?) to add some coolness to the otherwise hot drink. Delivered at 14:15.

Makes it in time. Now post presentation, he’s beat-boxing with Sarah. CUTE. He *is* the whitest guy we know! Talks about Intelli’s rigorous training schedule.

2 Responses to “WRBC Competitor #3: Kyle Glanville”

  1. James Hoffmann

    That sig drink really does sound tasty. I want coffee!

  2. t o n x

    it was super tasty. better in his prelim than his final round, but really fantastic.

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