Nick Griffith
(photo courtesy Tonx)

(Nick is formerly of Coffee Klatch, now of Intelligentsia in LA)

He’s served his just-blended-this-morning Brazilian espresso in 3:24, on target.

Good conversation, casual, doserless timed grinder from Espresso Parts! Nice soulful hip hop on as he calmly steams his milk for his caps. BEAUTIFUL caps.

The judges are weighing in at 7:40. He’s cool as a cucumber. On his game.

For his sig drink, he’s sautéing slivered almonds in Strauss butter, maple syrup, orange zest, habanero jelly. He has beautiful tiny cognac style glasses. The scent of the almonds is clear from here in the audience. YUM! Trying to enhance the espresso, enhancing the mouthfeel, the maple taste of the bourbon, or trying to present it as a fine brandy.

He’s making witty jokes that “If anyone feels the need to dance, they should [sic]”. 🙂 Delivered the sig drink to the judges with clear direction, all under 13 minutes. Holy cow he’s a machine! Cleaning up with tons of time.

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