LIVE From WRBC 2008 Finals

March 30th, 2008

(West Coast Twitchy correspondent Oliver writing here today. Yes, I have a Ritual bias; those kids introduced me to coffee in the first place, so read with that caveat!)

Good Morning sports fans! The Gaia Arts Center is packed to the gills with barista enthusiasts, coffee geeks and more! There’s been a feeding frenzy of Tartine pastries, and nervous anticipation!

With five minutes left before the first competitor’s prep time concludes, the tension is building! The lineup for today, in order, is:

  1. * Nick Griffith of Intelligentsia
  2. * Chris Baca from Ritual Coffee
  3. * Kyle Glanville from Intelligentsia
  4. * Heather Perry from Coffee Klatch
  5. * Drew Cattlin from Ritual Coffee
  6. * Ryan Wilbur from Intelligentsia

Heather Perry is, of course, the reigning champion, but there’s been strong performances from the boys of Ritual.

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