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in the past few months the espresso at gimme! coffee has stayed so consistently brainbending it’s made me set aside my normal williamsburg-aversion and go there like, constantly. for those readers who don’t understand what williamsburg is, it is the promised land of skinny jeans and ironic facial hair and sportjackets that would look awesome on a 50-year-old african american guy with a walking stick, but in hipster brooklyn just look fucking stupid.

in any case you’d think the upsetting fashion quotient and lack of public bathroom might keep me away, but the insanely good coffee, wonderful staff and regularly fantastic taste in music keep me glued to the seat. today i discovered a new power outlet and now my favorite seat and i are going to get married and be together forever.

best seat!

this seat is in the prized barista harassment zone (BHZ), portion of the brooklyn cafe. it’s not just for staff. weird people with crossword puzzles and fake day jobs like me can sit there too. it’s tough to take phone calls over the whirr of the coffee grinder, but hey man. it’s worth it.

additional features include a vantage point of the whole store, 100% possibility of work distraction opportunities, optimum distance from that door that doesn’t close right and makes it really drafty in winter, and stools that require you to work on perfect posture.

(note that there will be no best seats in gimme! mott street when it opens in days if not hours, but i’m sure i’ll update soon with a report on the best place to stand.)

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