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welcome to beautiful milwaukee, wisconsin, where the unique weather axis of melting snow and brewery fumes have sunk a gauzy layer of fog over the city for many days now. those wily souls who navigate via instrument flight rules were able to find their way to lake michigan on friday for the 2010 great lakes […]

It seems pointless to coffee-blog anymore now that there’s a sprudge out there, but hey. I went to Iceland!!!!! Now that I’ve had a week or two to towel off, I still miss the Nordic Barista Cup and everything and everyone that came with it. Iceland itself was as unreal a land as I’d hoped: […]

nordic barista cup 2009

September 17th, 2009

Oh hello. I’m in Iceland attending the Nordic Barista Cup on behalf of Espresso Parts! I’ll be writing more here eventually, but meanwhile please look for updates here on the Espresso Parts blog. (Edit: Klaus Thomsen is also blogging here!) Skål!

spring successfully flung

June 8th, 2009

It was incredibly thoughtful of Spuyten Duyvil to double the capacity of their gorgeous back garden for our New York City Coffee People Spring Fling, the fourth installment of a very informal (meaning I only got half a beer spilled on me, and it was my fault) gathering of All The Coffee People In New […]

outside the perimeter

April 21st, 2009

So I missed the plane. I missed the plane because the first plane was pushed back and back because when weather shows up in New York it’s like they haven’t ever seen weather before, and JFK is a hairdo. The whole sky clogs up and it takes hours to figure out how to land planes […]

pre-WBC pause that refreshes

April 16th, 2009

It’s been a whirlwind few days leading up to my appointment as official press secretary and handwriting scribe for the US Barista team. I flew into Atlanta on Saturday to allow plenty of time for civilian adventures, which included but were not limited to old friends, a perplexing burger experience, a tour of the Atlanta […]

usbc madcap sap recap

March 10th, 2009

so it’s all over and you wake up on monday and almost everybody has left the hotel room in the dead of morning and there’s just you and your one remaining friend from milwaukee and a balloon sculpture hanging from the light fixture to remind you of what really happened in the flash of days […]

can i just mention that it totally sucks to be friends with so many talented baristas? rooting is hard. really kind of awful. the exciting, loving, thrilling kind of awful, but still. mike phillips ended the day of tough, incredibly skilled and charismatic competitors. he greeted the judges by saying “it’s an unexpected and absolutely […]

nick griffith is the constant cool cucumber, it’s insane, last year at the USBC in minneapolis he was the stealth weapon of chill, and nothing has changed this year except perhaps a bit more chill AND a bit more fire. nick is using the same coffee as ryan willbur, the finca la maravilla guatemalan, and […]

that one? that one might also be very hard to beat. i’ve been thinking for a day or so how watching good barista competition routines is kind of like seeing a band you love perform an album you know they’re only going to perform on that tour, or that night, in a way you’ll never […]

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