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It seems pointless to coffee-blog anymore now that there’s a sprudge out there, but hey. I went to Iceland!!!!! Now that I’ve had a week or two to towel off, I still miss the Nordic Barista Cup and everything and everyone that came with it. Iceland itself was as unreal a land as I’d hoped: […]

nordic barista cup 2009

September 17th, 2009

Oh hello. I’m in Iceland attending the Nordic Barista Cup on behalf of Espresso Parts! I’ll be writing more here eventually, but meanwhile please look for updates here on the Espresso Parts blog. (Edit: Klaus Thomsen is also blogging here!) Skål!

outside the perimeter

April 21st, 2009

So I missed the plane. I missed the plane because the first plane was pushed back and back because when weather shows up in New York it’s like they haven’t ever seen weather before, and JFK is a hairdo. The whole sky clogs up and it takes hours to figure out how to land planes […]

wbc 2009 results

April 21st, 2009

And it goes down like this: Sixth: Atilla Molnar (Hungary) 535.5 points Fifth: Lee Jong Hoon (Korea) 542 points Fourth: Colin Harmon (Ireland) 572 points Third: Mike Phillips (USA) 618.5 points Second: Sammy Piccolo (Canada) 619.5 points World Barista Champion: Gwilym Davies (UK) 623 points (Post-trophy Nick Cho interview first question: “How do you feel, […]

Thus the day — and the long days before them — ends with Colin Harmon. His entry from this blogger gets the shortest shrift, largely because I could understand his Irish accent even less than I could get through the accents of Hungary and Korea! But all that said, Colin is great to watch, a […]

So yes. Last we left Gwilym Davies in the preliminaries he was telling us why espresso is disappointing. It seems the judges weren’t convinced, and he is back again in the finals. He describes his Colombian Del Obispo as “loads of juicy fruit giving way to a treacle finish” — which probably sounds better to […]

Oh, my journalistic abilities are tapping out a little at the moment. And I’m again behind. The milk and coffee must be in harmony, we are told. He looks like he is having so much fun — particularly when discussing his “special cream”. Signature drink is called “The Republic of Coffee Zone”, which gets coffee […]

I am two competitors behind and Gwilym Davies is about to go on so this may be short and nonsensical. Phillips is better today than yesterday and yesterday was great. Signature drink is the same shot-splitting idea as referenced on these pages before, only with adjusted constituent elements (as the coffee has changed) like sea […]

Atilla, in your powder blue sweater vest and with your colorful placemats and cappuccino caddies, you are a darling. This competitor from Hungary is using a single origin Beloya, a favorite coffee of so many people I know that when it is perfect is transcendent. He begins by assembling his signature drink, but I can’t […]

This blogging stuff is going to be short and sweet, okay folks? It’s going to be hard to hold a camera and a notebook and your stomach in your throat all at the same time for a few straight hours. Sammy Piccolo is maybe the most practiced competitor here today, and this is the smoothest, […]

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