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the first shop of coffee prince

January 31st, 2008

besides consistently letting me invite myself over for delicious dinner, my friends james and amy have begun to provide a valuable service to my coffee education endeavors now that i’ve moved to brooklyn: they let me come over to their house to watch the first shop of coffee prince, in current rotation as part of […]

in the past few months the espresso at gimme! coffee has stayed so consistently brainbending it’s made me set aside my normal williamsburg-aversion and go there like, constantly. for those readers who don’t understand what williamsburg is, it is the promised land of skinny jeans and ironic facial hair and sportjackets that would look awesome […]

coming soon

January 23rd, 2008

dear new york city health department, please get the fuck on with it! thanks! liz

the coffee studio

December 31st, 2007

the coffee studio 5628 n clark chicago, il 773.271.7881 so we’re both home for christmas and i’m sayin’ to oliver driving around in the car, “you know, chicago is really ready for another cafe.” being that i really only count intelligentsia’s three cafes and metropolis as the go-to places in chicago, it really did seem […]

capital quickie: washington, dc

December 1st, 2007

i thought it might be fun to take a 225 mile trip out of town and see what toscano tastes like, so i hopped on the amtrak to DC to see my friends awesome color play some rock shows in the south last week. it was a short and sweet trip, just long enough to […]

abraço espresso

November 19th, 2007

abraço espresso 86 east 7th street new york, nyc 10003 212-388-9731 i have been very brain-dead lately what with having moved house and country and all that. my friend jennifer said two weeks ago, “isn’t there someone from blue bottle opening a cafe in the east village?” i didn’t follow up on this. i forgot. […]

best seats will be a recurring feature wherein i potentially ruin the best seat in any cafe by writing about it on the internet. key contributing factors to my naming a best seat include: internet availability, access to A/C power, proximity to the baristas so you can bullshit with them while they work, and a […]

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